The Soul is the incorporeal

essence of a living

being that binds

life to Harmony!

The true natural benefits!

Self-esteem yourself
The true natural holistic
benefits in Harmonizing
gently the Soul, in perfect
psycho-physical balance.
The full healing solution.
Recommended for woman
and man that want
turning point
for a consciousness life.
The bioenergetisc
instrument on
the practical side,
you receive new vital lymph
and awakenin the urge
live self-esteem and Great
power of the radiant Soul.
The mind is physical part of
brain, is more of 90% water
with 60.000 pyramidal cells.
The stream next level of
energy that nourish
and detoxification.
Great benefits
psycho-physic and
awakening of consciousness.
The active the main
Soul of endless.
Wellbeing & self-healing
high quantity
and dynamics frequency
of pure energy move the
best water on the brain.
Is the super natural
of immunity, nervous
and circulatory system,
energy work body and mind
complete bio-detox.
Well-being Training
Elaborated the bio analysis
and bioenergetics practice
togheter for the radiant wake
of the powerfull of the Soul,
natural self-esteem,
self-healing of the nervous
system, and brain frequency
works a full regime!

It’s the novelty holistic
self-esteem and great power
of the radiant Soul,
mind body follows togheter.

The great benefits,

Harmony Happiness.

The teaching and the active

in one training only.

Each one of us can keep in

shape and say goodbye toxin

in a few seconds,

comfortably everywhere.

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Best & Last – Energy superpower complete bio-detox

Best & Last – Energy superpower complete bio-detox

Eros Ferrari is a master of the Cosmic Harmonizer(R) of Energy Super Power(R) Bio energy cosmic power Complete bio-detox Accessing an untapped energy source he is able to cultivate a system of self healing, manipulating a raw resource and materials of reserve energy stored inside of the body. Synergy. Waiting to be activated This power some have referred to as non terrestrial […]

December 9, 2017
RADIANT DETOX OF SOUL-Interview with Florinda Balli

RADIANT DETOX OF SOUL-Interview with Florinda Balli

Eros Ferrari lives a part of the year in Bali and a part in Italy. In both countries practice a form of therapy called Radiant detoxification of the soul. It is a self-healing practice that relaxes, detoxicates the nervous system and sets it the frequency of the brain on Harmony. Here’s how Eros himself talks […]

December 4, 2017


INTERVISTA DI FLORINDA BALLI Eros Ferrari vive una parte dell’anno a Bali e una parte in Italia. In entrambi i paesi pratica una forma di terapia chiamata Disintossicazione radiante dell’anima. Si tratta di una pratica di autoguarigione che rilassa, disintossica il sistema nervoso e imposta la frequenza del cervello sull’armonia. Ecco come lo stesso […]

November 22, 2017
Cosmic power acts and energy helps

Cosmic power acts and energy helps

Cosmic power acts and vibration on the flow of water in all body to be get detox. Primarily in the brain being composed of more than 90%, and in the body and in the auras energy. Does the brain contain the perfect model of our body and mind! Does the brain contain the perfect model […]

November 17, 2017
Self-esteem session Self-confidence

Self-esteem session Self-confidence

Self-esteem yourself Eros Ferrari Sulewal Self-esteem session Self-confidence yourself the true natural holistic benefits do you receive in harmonizing gently the Soul. One natural session to be in perfect shape psycho-physical balance. Recommended for Woman and Man that want to give real. The turning point for a conscious life live. With bioenergetics tool on the practical side, you receive […]

October 2, 2017
In biochemistry activation is bioactivation in immunology activation involves the immune system and the brain

In biochemistry activation is bioactivation in immunology activation involves the immune system and the brain

In biochemistry, activation, specifically called bioactivation. In immunology, activation involves the immune system. In neuroscience activation, involvers the brain energy activation. Bioactivation for true wellbeing and self-esteem. Eros Ferrari Sulewal The activator bearer of psicho-pysical beauty in this Cosmo-Universe-World! Manages the bio-energy it creates true well-being and self-esteem! Love and Harmony It is not easy to synthesize […]

September 30, 2017