Bali Ocean Blessing Shiva eye shells

Great blessing Bali ocean power of detox
Healing Harmony Happiness Gratitude
Bali blessing with shell,
Shiva eye shells jewellery
bioenergetics blessing
a true natural well-being.
Free of charge, detected energy BLOCKS CAUSES
The best Bali 
in island of the god’s.
Eros is capture pioneer the
ocean activator master
on human body and mind
allows us to restore positive Energy!
Practitioner of bio-activation
inspired from achieving
Reiki Master practitioning.
Alchemy Shells collected in Bali ocean,
Shiva eye shells stored to replenish stream
energys allowing us restore,
Harmony in our brain frequency from activating
chakra points by way of Bioenergetic blessings.
Soul purification & Psychophysical balance,
healing & detox in few minutes,
the sessions he will help to refine your
energy and align you with
your life’s so you can
live with full vitality,
freedom and passion.
Great blessing Bali ocean
Shiva eye shell.
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