Bioenergetics bio-activation

New! reshape harmony

on cerebral frequency by

Bioenergetics bio-activation

for true wellness and wellbeing
Relax and calm in few second.
Wellbeing in few minutes.
Bio-activation Session
Bioenergetics Activation

1.Endless activation
2.Great Cosmic
Harmony activation
3.Ocean activation
4.Energy Super Power

5.Reiki activation
With unlimited benefits
mind body and spirit.
Eros Ferrari Sulewal
Holistic Operator
Professional Siaf Italy
VE0929-OP Formator
I live between Bali
of the god island, and
Nepal home of the Most
Great monument of the World
Buddha Shakyamuni
Buddha Gautama.
Recently renovated,
and dozens of Monasteries.
I got initiations
and activations in the lands
of Buddha Nepal and India
and in the Harmonia Islands,
Bali, Java, Sulawesi.
In Brazil and Mexico.
Creator of the new
bio-energy self-healing
body mind and Soul.
Relax and calm in few second.
Wellbeing in few minutes.

Eros Ferrari Sulewal
Is the bearer of beauty in this
Manages vital lymph and
the slim energy it creates
true wellness!
Love and Harmony
It is not easy to synthesize
you have to be simple
and Practice to Stay Well
and proceed to HARMONY!
The flow of
energy that nourishes 
to be Radiant Soul!
Whether you are in one
particular phase of Life,
whether you feel good,
will not leave you indifferent
indeed, a vision will come to us
very clear and aware
of the social system or
mechanism in which we live.
Today the need to keep fit
in body shape and mind in
Psychophysical Balance.
Much better if
at this time you have
lost the way home and
you feel bumped,
lost among the events of Life,
as in a labyrinth without
way out, a circle
vicious and destructive.
It will not give you any solutions
momentary but definitive!
Teach how to bring Light
and Hope forever.

Thin energy innovation
facilitates a new management
of their perfect
personal wellbeing.
Attractive attitude
but the results are real
even if it works on balls
not material as the balance
psychophysical and emotional.
… Universal Love …
Multidimensional skills
meditative multi-sensory.
It promotes a style of life
Ecological, Spontaneous
and Sustainable with the
Empowerment Transformation
Inner-Peace change.
It is intended to activate the
personal growth
awakening of consciousness,
Conscious desire,
the ability to be Genius
Independent and Free
Self-realized Harmonized.
Global Awareness
Here and Now!