Well-being Training

Eros Ferrari Sulewal

Well being training
Grounding body mind detox

Elaborated the well being

bioenergetic analysis and
self-healing practical practice
for the radiant wake of the
Soul and self-healing of the
nervous system and brain
frequency works a full regime!
The result of the great benefits,
relax calm peace within seconds
comfortably everywhere!
The teaching and the active
in one training.

Today the need always

more important to keep fit

in body shape and mind in

Psychophysical Balance.

Analysis and Practical

session body mind detox
1.Body relax Mind Calm also

in just few seconds.

2.Breathing rebalancing

3.The Here and Now!

4.Nervous system balancing

5.Psycho-physical balance.

6.Circulatory system balancing

7.Rebalance Chakra

8.Awakening of consciousness

9.Psychosomatic equilibrium

10.Self-esteem yourself 

Bio-activation Session
Bioenergetics Activation

11.Endless activation
12.Great Cosmic
Harmony activation
13.Ocean activation
14.Energy Super Power

15.Reiki activation
Soul radiant detox
Spiritual Satisfaction
16.Analysis and Unlocking
Psychosomatic healing
17.Reading and
cleaning the Aura
18.Reading and
purification Karma
19.Postural alignment.
Well being training detox
grounding body and mind

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