Eros Ferrari Sulewal


is the Master activator of Energy Channeling,

professional holistic and advanced Master Reiki.

He lived in Boudha, Nepal and India where he got initiations and

activations of QUANTUM ENERGY WORK.

After traveling 25 Years to some countries and cities, such as:

Brazil, Mexico, Egypt, Japan, Java and Sulawesi,

he decided to settle in Bali.

EROS Have unique skills and instrument,

Shiva eye ocean shells, medium of full healing.

He created, designed and produced the new

Bioenergetics instrument and bio-activation

for the Well Being of mind body and Soul.

Also able to correct the imbalances and unlocking the energy block,

includes practice all the technique of self-healing.


The immediate benefits of Energy Channeling

therapy are relax, calm, peacefulness and restful sleep.

In mid-term you get;

Independence, freedom, fortune and Spiritual satisfaction.

In long term you will get;

Harmony, long lasting happiness in life,

activate your pineal gland DMT and repair the DNA.

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WhatsApp +39371 1861 349
+62 081 337 191 5836

Energy Channeling Retreat Alternative & Holistic Health Service

perfect psycho physical balance.
Your love happiness has
tremendous impact to
benefits also those around you…
2018 Eros is perfect to
customize your necesity
of Practitioner or talent
or aspiring practitioner
in the Alternative & Holistic
Health Service.
Eros is able to transfers
your skills and integrates
the Radiant Soul and the
ability to deep self-healing
detoxify body and mind,
practice in few minutes.

You are starts to use the
bioenergetics practice
to harmonize yourself
and other people.

analysis and practice

deep release by self-healing

for the radiant awake of

the Soul, the brain works

full & best regime!

I process bioenergy for

the Radiant detoxification

of the Soul

to follow mind and body.

It is based on the necessity of

restore psichophysical shape.

The practice of self-healing

relaxes and calms and

detoxifies and sets the

brain frequency on harmony

it results in physical

and psychic equilibrium.

The teaching and the active

in one session only,

each one of us can

keep in shape and say toxins

goodbye in a few seconds!

The grounding!

I created designed and
produced the new one
Bioenergetic dispositiv,
practice and bio-activation
for the Well Being of
mind body and soul.

Eros Ferrari Sulewal
Holistic teacher,
all most advanced
Reiki masters.
Bio-activation designer
100 times more
powerfull advanced Reiki.