Eros Ferrari Sulewal


Is the Master of tools for Self-treatment

Was born in Italy in 1969.

At 23 he began his career abroad,
but over time he realized that he was losing the lightness
with which he had left and turned into a traveler with his Soul.
So, almost by chance,
he begins to meet masters and visit sacred places and
continents, realizing that the energy he encountered
contributed to improving the quality of life.
He follows courses of various disciplines,
including music therapy and gong baths,
he experiments the energy of the pyramids,
becoming Master Reiki, Holistic Trainer,
Create innovation in self-treatment for well-being and health,
with a practice called Energy Superpower,
with which the energy is channeled in a few seconds.
It also produces innovative energy tools
that are used as self-treatment;
that do not require any technical skills or training;
they are called
Grande Armonia Cosmica (Great Cosmic Harmony).
He now teaches how to practice self-therapy
with refined but simple techniques and tools, for self-treatment, teaches it in a few minutes how our energy can be changed,
also with the aid of energy tools.
They are able to heal and correct severe imbalances
and unlock the energy blocks.
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Your Love Happiness & Gratitude has tremendous impact


Master of tools for Self-treatment
Energy Superpower Self treatment tools
It only takes 3 minutes to relax and calm down,
and only 5 minutes as self-treatment for health.

Also from people while they practice meditation yoga or Reiki.
Can be used by any therapist along with other treatments.
Energy Superpower Channeling technique
Activation the channel and learn technique in 75 minutes.
Practice Energy Superpower, self-treatment in 10 seconds.
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The immediate benefits

Rebalance the energy feels Relax, calm, and restful sleep detox.

In mid-term you get;

Independence, freedom, fortune of Spiritual awareness.

In long term you will get;

Harmony, long lasting Happiness in Life and repair the DNA.
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