Bioenergetics instrument

Wellness bioenergetics

well-being instrument

Relax and calm in a single

session with the natural

bioenergy to be in perfect

psycho-physical equilibrium.

Each of us can say

Goodbye toxin.

Complete detox

The benefits you receive

in harmonizing Sometimes

they do not understand

with the only words,

before receiving them, but I am

the solution to the problem,

even if unknown.

New dimension and
interaction with
the subtile bio-energy that
Harmonizes the Soul
the true well-being
natural 360° integral!

A touch of magic, which relieves

the psychophysical stress!

Relax and calm in few seconds

only one session with the pure

bio-energy to be in perfect

psycho-physical equilibrium.

Recommended for people

that I want to give one

decisive and positive turning

point for a conscious life.

On the practical side,

you receive new vital lymph,

you awaken the urge to

live and feel good!
Actually, in the morning
next to awakening
the psychophysical balance.
will be even more evident.
Great immediate benefits.
Bio-energy instrument
for the well-being
mind body and soul.

Goodbye toxins
100% wool carpet,

hand made in Nepal.

100% cotton cushion,

hand made in Nepal.
independence and freedom.
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Grande Armonia Cosmica