Boost the vital energy; by focusing on the Holistic Health and the Healing Activation, involves the reintegration of human bio-currents and the elimination of old emotions and energetics blocks!

Eros Ferrari; Excellent and Alternarive and Holistic Health Service in Bali.
He now teaches how to practice self-therapy, with refined but simple and Powerful methods for Deep Sleep Solution and self-healing treatments with
Nepalese Meditation Mats.
Eros has created and mastered this method making it more Effective!
Sessions will be held at your house or a place of your choice.

Learn how to activate the vital energy and knowledge to transform your Life!
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Excellent and Immediate Benefits;
relaxation, calm and restful sleep, independence, freedom,
fortune, prosperity, awareness and long lasting Happiness in Life.

recover regenerated the psychophysical balance, mind and body Wellness! Goodbye toxins nowadays the need increasingly severe to keep the body of the mind in shape. The training has analysis, relaxation, healing and detoxification. Endless bioactivation Great activation of cosmic harmony Bio wave ocean activation SuperPower energy activation Reiki activation High chakra vibration Activation of the pineal DMT gland Kundalini Awakening Awakening and DNA repair B. Practice of energy superpower techniques Relaxation is natural anti-stress Calm mind in a few seconds Lower the frequency of the brain Respiratory balance Live the here and now! Nervous system therapy Perfect psycho-physical balance Balance of the cardiovascular system Rebalancing chakra Awakening of consciousness Unlock the energy blocks Read and clean the Aura Reading and purification of Karma Postural and spiritual alignment Psychosomatic healing Past life and healing of the Ancestors DNA damage and repair Healing of quantum energy Neuroscientific healing. Unlimited extraordinary benefits! Radiant Soul detoxifying workout Booking WhatsApp +39371 1861349 with over 15 years experience in Asia. He has managed wellness resorts in Thailand and multi-disciplinary clinics in Thailand and Australia. Retired for sale, high-networth clients. Eros Ferrari Sulewal key focus is empowerment through education: empowering guests to achieve their personal goals and empowering staff to deliver extraordinary service and support and thus enrich and improve their own life experience

Innovative bio-energy technique from higher dimensions, offered by Eros Ferrari.

The method is focused on Holistic Health Activation and Training, providing


Bio-energy healing involves the replenishment of human bio-currents,

release of blocks and stuck energy.

The technique helps to alleviate stress and anxiety, release fears and phobias,

resolve emotional, physical and Spiritual issues.

– Harmonizes and balance at the physical and energetic body and Mind.
– Deep restorative and regular sleep for natural detox.
– Release physical and emotional toxins, accumulated in past years.
– Learn how to activate energy and knowledge to transformational your Life.
– With 90 minutes of training, you will be able to practice self-treatment;
in just 10 seconds, even when you return home.
Alternative & Holistic Health Service in Bali.


The Science of Empaths – Mirror Neuron System, Electromagnetic Fields and Emotional Contagion

The Science of Empaths – Mirror Neuron System, Electromagnetic Fields and Emotional Contagion

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Bali Deep Sleep

Bali Deep Sleep

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Sleep Massage in Bali for Health and Wellbeing

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The sleep solution in only 3 night; Deep Sleep Therapy. He has been using these methods that have literally changed his life for years and now he wants to share them with you. This retreat is lovingly designed to energize the body and inspire to have happy day! Eros Ferrari, offer retreat perfect for individuals, […]

September 19, 2018
Alternative & Holistic Health in Ubud Bali

Alternative & Holistic Health in Ubud Bali

THE SCIENCE OF CHANNELING: HOW TO USE ENERGY TO HEAL? EROS FERRARI SULEWAL is the Holistic healing trainer and Gran Master Reiki, advance Healing Activation He lived in Boudha, Nepal and India where he got initiations and activations, he decided to settle in Bali. EROS Have unique skills and devices, Shiva eyes ocean shells, medium of […]

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Bali Sleep Solution Alternative Holistic Healing Retreats

Bali Sleep Solution Alternative Holistic Healing Retreats

Bali is the mecca of Healing Retreats; offering the best solutions for those suffering from sleep; we are focused on an innovative holistic system; that respects the canons of alternative and holistic health. The benefits are lasting because we teach relaxation methods and techniques, detoxification using the hours of sleep that returns to be restful […]

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