The holistic, vibrational, empathic,

and intuitive approach,

aware that it solves the causes of problems

as happens in the Masterclass of Light.


All this happened intuitively without

the human mind expecting anything,

but simply observing how it manifested itself;

this lifestyle and healing.

It has been given to us as all

that terrestrial nature gives us!

Detox of Light!

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Detox-Healing with these vital bioorganisms

is more powerful and faster than

any other method or ritual.

Authentic active antiviral bio-life or photons

of light that materializes and gives life

to a natural cell rejuvenation

with an immediate effect. Now!

The benefits are excellent,

therefore more than any expectation

because they immediately act on the

bio-vital rhythm or on the brain path.

Detox of Light!

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Just change our materialistic attitude,

and use your energy field,

which lives in most people who have

various cyclical psychophysical disorders,

caused by one lifestyle other than the original.

People who want to heal deeply,

heal themselves, and feel the magnificenc

 and radiation of the sensational vital power.

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First of all, I must have Micro-vita!
We are all engaged in a battle between
the forces: Light Forces & Darkness.
Your Actions make your life!

The effect is immediate!

In case of no power or bad feeling in life

or pain & sick it is better to use it

several times a day; in this way,

healing becomes fast and lasting.

The Master of Light that teaches,
how to practice self-Light.
He teaches knowledge to
improve the quality of life;
through a simple fas-working Practice the Light.
Is recognized worldwide as the fastest
way to increase true and lasting happiness,
rejuvenating and vitality.
Eros has been practicing this for over

20 years in Holistic Health Service.

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Detox of Light!

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MasterClass of Light 2023
Masterclass the age of the aquarium
BY Master of Light.
The fast-working and effective
method recognized because in
every part of the world you find
yourself only one MasterClass of Light.
Alternative & Holistic Health Service online.
Learn the knowledge to transform your Life! 
Lern how to Boost the Vital Energy by

the reintegration of human bio-current.

Detox of Ligth

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