The sleep solution in only 3 night; Deep Sleep Therapy.

He has been using these methods that have literally changed his life for years and now he wants to share them with you.
This retreat is lovingly designed to energize the body and inspire to have happy day!
Eros Ferrari, offer retreat perfect for individuals, couples or groups of all genders, ages, and abilities, who wish to take time out for themselves to relax and recharge their batteries. Our schedules are light-hearted, leaving plenty of down time for you to relax and explore restful sleep and bliss in Bali Paradise!


To put it into in context, once you are 75 years old you will have slept for a total of 25 years!

There are plenty of reasons why we naturally spend so much of our time recharging
with restorative sleep.
Let’s explore why restorative sleep is vital for your overall health and well-being.
Together, REM sleep are often collectively referred as deep sleep.
While all sleep is good for health, the phases of deep sleep and REM sleep are the
two sleep stages during which our bodies and minds undergo the most renewal.
During deep sleep, our breathing rate and blood pressure decrease, and we enter
what sleep experts call slow-wave sleep, when our brain waves become slow and large. REM sleep stage, or Rapid Eye Movement sleep, is a mentally active phase – you might recognise it best by the time of night where you experience your most vivid dreams. In the REM sleep stage, while your breathing and heart rate increases,
many of your muscles “switch off” and take some much needed repose.
REM sleep is also the time that assists your emotional processing.
But that’s not all that your body is refreshing during its restorative sleep stage –
in fact the list of benefits that sleep produces during restorative sleep is extensive.
It develops and maintains your nervous system and immune system, rejuvenates your muscles and repairs damaged tissues.


Eros, has over 15 years of wellbeing experience and in this time he has worked with many, many people suffering from sleep deprivation.
Eros is a Reiki Grand Master, Holistic Health Trainer and Intuitive; t
he deep sleep has been created during a deep and long experience. His goal is to improve sleep quality and length immediately for his students and also to get them to practice deep sleep self-therapy with simple, effective method that can be used at home, in few sescond.
Using specially designed Meditation Mats, Deep Restorative Sleep can be achieved which leads to an improved Quality of Life.

3 Nights Retreat for Deep Sleep Therapy including:

Daily Training for Deep Sleep Enhancement

Daily Sleep Massage for Better Sleep

Daily Restorative Sleep by Self-treatments

Daily Awakening Sleep Consultation

Daily sauna and swimming pool

Vacation highlights

Accommodation, Healthy Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

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