Bali Deep Sleep

Bali Deep Sleep

Sleep disorders and insomnia are common issues for today’s busy generation, stemming from stressful working lives, anxiety and lack of exercise, which can have long term effects on our health and wellbeing. We have build a range of our holidays which give you the perfect chance to return sleeping pattern and achieve relaxation and deep restorative sleep.
With key lifestyle consultations and training for deep sleep, helpful advice and indulgent gently treatments on offer; give you benefits of our Bali Deep Sleep, will be continue even after you return home; by self-treatment sleep in few second.

Would you like to know that when you ever go to bed and your head hits the pillow you will fall into a deep and restful sleep until the morning? For a third of people who simply do not happen,
that is rebalanced and sleep becomes regular; the duration will be 7/8 hours.


Eros is a Reiki Grand Master, Holistic Health Trainer; Empaths and Intuitive,
has over 15 years of experience.
The Bali deep sleep has been created during a deep and long experience,
during this time he has worked with many, many people suffering from sleep deprivation and insomnia.
His Bali deep sleep solution, methods have been created after lengthy experience and are effective and fast-working.
Using specially designed Nepalese Meditation Mats for deep sleep can be achieved,
which leads to an improved quality of life.
His goal is to improve sleep quality and length for his students immediately and to get them to practice deep sleep self-therapy at home with simple, effective methods.

Training for Deep Sleep Enhancement

Sleep Massage for Better Sleep

Restorative Sleep Retreat

Deep Sleep Consultation

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