Bali Sleep Solution Alternative Holistic Healing Retreats

Bali Sleep Solution Alternative Holistic Healing Retreats

Bali is the mecca of Healing Retreats;

offering the best solutions for those suffering from sleep;

we are focused on an innovative holistic system;

that respects the canons of alternative and holistic health.

The benefits are lasting because we teach relaxation methods and techniques,

detoxification using the hours of sleep that returns to be restful and regenerating as

when we were young.

Our Sleep Retreats are the solution for those who have suffered from insonia for

many years; the lasting benefits because they do not only change the lifestyle,

they also involve the elimination of emotional, physical, energetic and mental issues.


It’s the best way to get on the right track to fall asleep.

Sleep massage helps you get the rest you need on a regular basis,

The guest seat sits on the chair, and begins with an energetic analysis,

then through a gentle touch on the shoulders and in the vertebral column,

which is a fundamental point to enjoy deep muscle relaxation and regular

detoxification of fatigue and traumas that have accumulated in past years.

Consultation, massage and treatments for the regular sleep will be 7 – 8 hours.


Eros, has over 15 years of experience and in this time he has worked with

many, many people suffering from sleep deprivation.

Eros is a Reiki Grand Master, Holistic Health Trainer and Intuitive.

His Sleep Solution has been created after long experience. His goal is to improve

sleep quality and length immediately for his students and also to get them to practice

self-therapy with simple, effective method that can be used at home, in only 10 sec.

Using specially designed Nepalese Meditation Mats, Deep Sleep can be achieved

which leads to an improved Quality of Life.

What is Deep Restorative Sleep?

It’s no accident that humans spend a third of their lives asleep!

To put it in context, if you’re 75 years old you will have generally slept for 25 years!

There are plenty of reasons why we naturally spend so much of our time recharging

with restorative sleep – or attempting to. Let’s explore why restorative sleep in

particular is vital for your overall health and wellbeing.

Together, deep sleep and REM sleep are often collectively referred as restorative

sleep. While all sleep is good for health, the phases of deep sleep and REM sleep are

the two sleep stages during which our bodies and minds undergo the most renewal.

During deep sleep, our breathing rate and blood pressure decrease, and we enter

what sleep experts call slow-wave sleep, when our brain waves become slow and

large. REM sleep, or Rapid Eye Movement sleep, is a mentally active phase – you

might recognise it best by the time of night where you experience your most vivid

dreams. In the REM sleep stage, while your breathing and heart rate increases,

many of your muscles ‘switch off’ and take some much needed R&R.

REM sleep is also the time that assists your emotional processing.

But that’s not all that your body is refreshing during its restorative sleep stage –

in fact the list of benefits that sleep produces during restorative sleep is extensive.

Sleep helps make you feel hungry or full and reduces your risk of obesity;

it affects how your body reacts to insulin; supports healthy growth and development;

develops and maintains your immune system and rejuvenates your muscles and

repairs damaged tissues.

7 Night or 10 Night including;

Sleep Retreat Treatments and Consultation for Regular Sleep:

Daily Training for Deep Sleep Enhancement

Daily Sleep Massage for Better Sleep

Daily Restorative Sleep by Self-treatments

Daily Awakening Sleep Consultation

Daily sauna and swimming pool

Vacation highlights

Accommodation, Healthy Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

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