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Light Love make Harmony is our great truth

We invite humanity to open up new perspectives.
Let’s walk our way and stay strong supporting
each other and raising each other!
We give love – we receive love.
This is the community our Love and Light.
Light dispels darkness.
When we bring Light into the present,
the fisical and Spiritual body, darkness is dissipated.
We are all engaged in a battle between
the forces of light and darkness,
sometimes we are on one side
and sometimes on the other.
Our light and, literally, our salvation.
Nephi, his light will form a protective shield
in the darkness of the adversary as you live.
You need that Light.
We need that Light.

Learn to use protective light as if it were your own.

The Master of Light that teaches the self-Light,
which increases vitality
He teaches knowledge to improve the quality of life;
through a simple fas-working, self-light Practice.
Is recognized worldwide as the fastest way to
increase vital energy and live true and lasting happiness,
which increases vitality, ect, ect.
Eros has been practicing this for over 15 years in
MasterClass, Holistic Training, Chakras Healing,
Intuitive Healing, Retreats, Workshops, Festivals.
The fast-working and effective method recognized
because in every part of the world you find
yourself only one MasterClass of Light.
Master Class of Light & Love is work in all your levels;
physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, Dna and Quantum.


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Alternative & Holistic Health Service in Bali and online.

Sessions will be held at your house or a place of your choice!
Learn how to activate the vital energy and
knowledge to transform your Life!
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Health & Healing, Energy and Energetics, Prosperity, Harmony, Happiness, Reiki, Chakras.

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Excellent and Alternative and Holistic Health Service in Bali and OnlineHow to Boost the Vital Energy by reintegration of human bio-currents

Eros, was born in Italy in 1969.

With over 15 years of wellness experience holistic clinics and retreat;

has obtained an extraordinary experience and has developed the intuitive sense

that guide to the reason of the energy discomfort of the Customers;

and returns them the lost equilibrium.

Eros Ferrari, has wellbeing experience and in this time he has worked with many,

many people suffering from sleep deprivation.

Eros is a Reiki Grand Master, Holistic Health Trainer, intuitive and empathic, able to

physically feel and work with the energy of people and places alsp also on distance.

Through 25 years of training, research and experience, him developed the power to

work with energy on a very refined level.

His Sleep Solution has been created after long experience.

His goal is to improve sleep quality and length immediately for his students and also

to get them to practice self-therapy with simple, effective method that can be used at

home in few second.

Using specially designed Meditation Mats, Deep Restorative Sleep can be achieved

which leads to an improved Quality of Life.

It helps and support, therefore it enriches and improves the Quality of Life.

At 23 years almost by chance, he begins to meet masters and
follows courses of various disciplines, he experiments the energy of the pyramids, becoming Reiki Grand Master and Holistic Health Trainer, intuitive ed empathic, able to physically feel and work with the energy of people and places alsp also on distance. through 15 years of training, research and experience, him developed the power to work with energy on a very refined level.
Innovator in wellbeing and Holistic Health service, with Energy Superpower.
The cosmic energy is activated throughout the body and the connection is maintained; he now teaches how to practice self-therapy, with refined but simple techniques and devices. He now teaches how to practice self-therapy
with refined but simple techniques and tools for self-treatment.
He teaches it in a few minutes how our energy can be transformation in positive.


The immediate benefits are;

Well being relaxation, peacefulness, healthiness and restful sleep.

In mid-term you get;

Independence, Prosperity, Harmony and long lasting Well Being in Life.

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Alternative & Holistic Health Service