Healing Activation Retreat in Bali Ubud

Healing Activation Retreat in Bali Ubud
Energy Superpower is a globally recognized,
Transforming Life Methodology
By focusing on innovative Vital
Energy Activation in Healing Retreat,
involves the replenishment of the
human bio-currents and boost the
Vital Energy by Self-activation.
Alternative and Holistic Health Retreat in Bali.

During 7 days, the key practitioner EROS FERRARI

will work with you to improve your

sleep both during your stay and for afterward

when you return to your regular life.

The immediate benefits; Relax, calm,

peacefulness and restful sleep.

Would you like to know that when you ever go

to bed and your head hits the pillow you

will fall into a deep and restful sleep until the morning?

For a third of people who

simply do not happen, that is rebalanced and sleep becomes regular.

The regular duration will be approximately 8 hours.

HEALING ACTIVATION THE 5 SENSE The immediate benefits;

Healing the 5 sense, open and balancing all Chakra and meridians, alternative detox.


Prosperity, Independence, Love, Awareness, and Spiritual alignment.

SELF-TREATMENT & SELF-HEALING The immediate benefits;

Restorative sleep, Rejuvenation, and long-lasting Well being in Life.

A private discussion regarding health concerns whether,
physical, mental, emotional and energetics.
Promote pain relief and speed up muscle and tissue recovery
by increasing blood circulation allowing more oxygen to the injured area.
Sauna are purposes of detoxification and weight loss.


Restorative Sleep Massage helps you get the

rest you need on a stable regular basis.

The guest sits on a chair and receives a detailed

energetic analysis that through a soft touch on the back of the neck,

shoulders and on the vertebral column,

the body will start a gentle detox process.

The vertebral column is a fundamental point

to initiate the energetic detoxification and

to start treating fatigue and traumas

that have been accumulated in the past.

If you suffer from anxiety, insomnia,

and an overactive mind or simply

have trouble falling asleep this

treatment is exactly what you are looking for.

Eros has created and mastered this method

making it faster and more effective.

Is the clinical and evidence-based use of music
interventions to accomplish individualized goals
within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed
professional who has completed an
approved music therapy program.
Sound Healing is one of the expressive therapies,
consisting of a process in which a music therapist
uses music and all of its facets-physical,
emotional, mental, social, aesthetic,
and spiritual—to help clients improve
their physical and mental health.


Eros is a Holistic Health Teacher,

he possesses, Awareness, Intuition

and Empathy of refined and extraordinary level.

Practice on different practitioner that have

lost wellbeing with classical and other methods.

Eros is able to analyze deep disorders

and work for people’s Self Wellbeing

even online; is unique Master who activates

vital energy and teaches

knowledge to improve

the Quality of our Life.

Through self-activation and the conscious use of vital energy

for Our Well being.

Now teaching the methods in only one hour,

Eros has practiced all this for

over 15 years on sessions, Training,

Workshops and Festivals.

Session will be held at your house or a place of your choice.
Phone +62 81238 334172
Pack your bags & get ready to connect with your Divine self.