Holy Spring Water Initiation

Holy Spring Water Initiation


First, be comfortable, water has no counter-indications or quantitative limitations,

nor use time; in fact, the water must be taken every day, to hydrate the body,

at least 2 liters a day, hot is healthier. The bootle water is diet water that doesn’t have

minerals, bat chemicals. (our biological body need minerals and not chemicals).

With initiation you receive, activate the power and instantaneous ability to purify and

improve your drinking water. Price & Pristness Initiation.

The water contained in our body is more than 70% in a newborn and is reduced to less than 70% in the elderly, so the aqua is synonymous with life, as is the oxygen that contains water. in our brain, it exceeds 80%; also the oxygen that contains water.
On planet earth, it is 70%, to better appreciate the importance of water it is enough to remember that in areas where there is no water life is very hard.
It is much easier to purify or heal the water contained in the brain and body than the mind that does not have a physical structure.

But how to enhance the water in the body or how to use the potential.
Bali even if it is at the equator the rain is not lacking and the earth preserves the purification to the point that it is famous for being the island where many Deities reside, both around Bali and in its interior, the Gods reside in Bali precisely because they also benefit fro the properties of the waters.
the Balinese purify themselves, and bless themselves with various classical Hindu rituals; and the most effective with the use of fire and sacred waters. Extraordinary properties, of the gods of the island of Bali, that Eros Ferrari Sulewal;

he manages to give these properties in people’s bodies and in the jewels,

he creates with the gods of Bali & quantum physic and sacred Geometry,

the perfection of holy spring water from the main temple in the world. 

The jewels can be used as protective jewelry; also as self-treatment,

in a few seconds, therefore, it calms the mind and the body from stress and

restores the state of holistic health, perfect psycho-physical balance.
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