The story of this innovative way to detoxify and heal quickly is also non-invasive, it was created almost by itself. All this happened intuitively without the human mind expecting anything, but simply observing how it manifested itself; this style of micro life.
It has been given to us as all that terrestrial Nature gives us!

The manifestation that liquid light produces in the human body is more powerful and faster than any other method or ritual, or remedy. Authentic bio-life activates the photons of light and the connection with mother earth, materialize and give vitality to a natural rejuvenation of the cells with an immediate effect. Now!

The benefits are excellent, beyond expectations, therefore more than any expectation because they immediately act on the bio-vital rhythm or on the brain frequency.
Just change our materialistic attitude, which they listen to and are conditioned by the cunning of the toxins that we all have in our bodies.
which causes resonance and attraction with other toxins and negativity, which lives in most people who have various cyclical psychophysical disorders, caused by a lifestyle other than the original. People who want to heal deeply, heal themselves, and feel the magnificence and radiation of the sensational power of rejuvenation and vitality.

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Micro-life activates the natural self-healing of the most complete holistic sense.

(psycho-physical wellbeing)

Feel the effect very well immediately! Just tap to feel and be happy!

Luck increases, the prosperity of human beings, often in the form of money, the life force is very protective especially during the journey.
It increases health and integrity, willpower and self-confidence, promotes clear thinking and courage in making important decisions.

Instructions on how to use;
For transmission, just touch and inhale them for a few seconds;
to receive unlimited benefits.
(to activate with your self-healing ability, and to begin empowerment).

In case of pain;
Keep the point on the body if painful or ill,
for 1 minute, repeatable 5/10 times a day. Painkiller.

Here there are no contraindications.
Only organic fruit ingredients!
Don’t add sugar!
No chemicals added!
After you’re okay, keep it in the refrigerator
to be able to reuse it.

WhatsApp +6281238 334172

Sulewal Eros Ferrari

Have a mission is to produce and share tools and practices to be Light effect!
Self-treatment has the power of a ritual; it occurs by transmission in seconds; people acquire powers and are therefore able to activate their latent self-healing abilities. (Personal enhancement)

Liquid light and life force are our superpowers.