Energy Superpower Retreat Alternative & Holistic Health Service

Alternative & Holistic Health Service


Ugrade Universal sea of energy in your life.
It is receive with Activation of Energy Channeled,
it’s used to discharge negative energies in excess, safely and easy,
techniques to ground, heal, and balance your energy levels,
positive Energy channel, also if your energy a low or negative.
Energy Channeling practice by yourself, takes place from energy resources without any other human connection or help.
Get the Power of vital energy helps to release,

fast the body to stress, feel relaxation.
The Energy Channeling is refinement of One’s ability to feel (sensations) the so-called “frequencies” or energies an heal regeneration flourish and grow.

Opening and activate your best Energy Channeling.
New skills: Practice Energy Channeling in few second by yourself
Extraordinary health & awakening conscious Benefits.


is the Master activator of Energy Superpower,

holistic healer trainer and Gran Master Reiki.

After traveling 25 Years to some countries,

he decided to settle in Bali.

EROS Have unique skills and instrument,

Shiva eyes shells, Energy medium of full healing.

He created, designed and produced the new

Bioenergetics instrument and bio-activation

for the Well Being of mind body and Soul.

Also able to correct the imbalances and

unlocking the energy block,

includes practice all the technique of self-healing.


The immediate benefits of Energy Superpower

therapy are relax, calm, peacefulness and restful sleep.

In mid-term you get;

Independence, freedom, fortune and Spiritual Awakening.

In long term you will get;

Harmony, long lasting Happiness in Life,

activate your pineal gland and repair the DNA.
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Alternative & Holistic Health Service

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