Shiva eye shell

Great Bali blessing Shiva’s eyes shells blessing

Eros Ferrari Sulewal Active the power of the

pyramids cells insigth of brain,

with Shiva eye shell,

can confer a variety of body

healing and mind benefits.

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Nervous system balancing

Cardiovascular system healing

Psychophysical balance

Rebalance Chakra energy.

The BRAIN is part of the body,

have more of 90% water,

the new flow of energy part of

next level of physical wellbrain,

Blessing increase positive energy incoming.

Self-healing higth quantity and

dimanics vibration of the water energy,

on the brain and body.

Is the super natural activation

of immunity system,

body and mind work, to take out the toxins.

Great blessing from Bali ocean

and Shiva’s eyes shells.

Eros Ferrari (Sulewal)
Was born in Italy in 1969.
At 23 he began his career abroad,
but over time he realized that he was losing the lightness
with which he had left and turned into a traveler with his Soul.
So, almost by chance,
he begins to meet masters and visit sacred places and
continents, realizing that the energy he encountered
contributed to improving the quality of life.
He follows courses of various disciplines
hand experiments the power of the pyramids,
the effect is similar with Shiva eye shell,
can confer a variety of body benefits.
Create innovation in self-treatment for well-being and health,
with a practice called Energy Super Power,
with which the energy is channeled in a few seconds.
It also produces innovative energy tools for self-treatment called
Bali Shiva eyes shells Jewels.
He now teaches how to practice self-therapy,
with refined but simple techniques and tools, for self-treatment.
They are able to heal and correct the imbalances
and unlocking the energy blocks.
WhatsApp +62 81238 334172
Your Love Happiness & Gratitude has tremendous impact


Jewelery with cone shells can be

used as normal protective jewelry.
But also as self-treatment,

for opening and balancing our chakras,

meridians and aura in just 30 seconds.

Therefore, they strengthen our psycho-physical

state immediately by reducing stress,

and we restore the state of

mental and physical health.

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