Bali Crystal Healing balinese Om Therapy and Jewellery

Ongkara is the Spiritual Symbol of Bali

Extraordinary Benefits of the island of Gods, Bali.

The symbol for Blessing & Healing of Bali is the Ongkara

with Extraordinary properties, of the Gods of Bali island.

Wellbeing of Body Mind & Spirit;

and the state of Inner peace in time.

Eros Ferrari, he manages to give these

properties in the jewels he creates with the Gemstone,

Spiritual powers and quantum physic.

The jewels can be used as normal jewels or also as self-treatment,

in a few seconds a day.

Therefore the benefits it is Purification from toxins,

to calm the mind and the body relaxation,

make disconnect from

the daily stress and to restores

the Balance of holistic health;

and the state of Inner peace in time.


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Reintegration of human bio-currents by Vital energy

Alternative and Holistic Health Service in Ubud

Eros is a Holistic Health Teacher,

he possesses, Awareness, Intuition

and Empathy of refined and

Extraordinary level.

Practice on different practitioner

that have lost Wellbeing with

classical and other methods.

Eros is able to analyze deep

disorders and work for people’s

Self Wellbeing even online;

Is the Master who activates

vital energy and teaches

knowledge to improve

the Quality of our Life.

Through self-activation and the

conscious use of vital energy

for Our Well being.

Now teaching the methods in

only one hour!

Eros has practiced all this for

over 15 years on sessions, Training,

Workshops and Festivals.
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Innovative bio-energy method from higher dimensions, offered by Eros Ferrari.

The method is focused on Holistic Healing Activation and Training,


Bio-energy healing involves the replenishment of human bio-currents,

release of blocks and stuck energy.

The technique helps to alleviate stress and anxiety, release fears and phobias,

resolve emotional, physical and spiritual issues.


– Harmonizes and balance at the physical and energetic body and Mind.
– Deep restorative and regular sleep for natural detox.
– Release physical and emotional toxins, accumulated in past years.
– Learn how to activate energy and knowledge to transformational your Life.
– With 75 minutes of training, you will be able to practice self-treatment in just 10 seconds,
   even when you return home.
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