How to cure anxiety panic attacks or depression?

The trend of 2022-2030, directives of human beings dictated by fears.
The danger causes a rush of adrenaline, a hormone, and a chemical messenger in the brain, which in turn triggers these anxious reactions and attacks of panic and then depression.
This prepares humans to physically confront or flee potential security threats.

The solutions!

Taking care of ourselves, not only with remedies that lessen fears but with remedies that lead to the end of these syndromes.
You have to create your own psycho-physical balance.

2022 trend of fear began, but where do these fears come from and why?
The whole planet is directed by fear or by this energetic conjuncture of the planets that help the earth to eliminate those who do not respect it.
Just like any all forms of life do to defend themselves or to survive, so the earth is afraid but can destroy anything before it is destroyed by its ill-intentioned hosts.

Fear is the trend from which it is almost impossible to get out or not to be part of this trend or direction in which everyone is guided but it is an addiction like the heaviest drug that exists!
is able to make people irremediably ill,
and to kill those who are already sick.


Inspired by self-therapy!
It the revolutionary self-treatment
that works deeply with and in the brain;
using frequencies and wavelengths
delta and theta for immediate self-healing.
Consciousness Light – Get started now!
The benefits of the Light Liquid go far beyond our expectations and our previous experiences.
Since it acts on brain and body stress.

Deep psychophysical rebalancing takes

place, feeling good, vitality and rejuvenation.

Instructions of Consciousness Light

Self-treatment; with vibrational medicine, it occurs by transmission:
we come into contact with the container,
which activates our self-esteem and self-healing capabilities.
Just touch it, holding it in your hands near your throat and keeping your eyes closed for 15 seconds, and then in the center of your forehead for another 15 seconds, once or twice a day. The video is including.

As long as you feel really good!

Consultation online and free trial!

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