In biochemistry activation is bioactivation in immunology activation involves the immune system and the brain

In biochemistry, activation,

specifically called bioactivation.

In immunology, activation involves

the immune system.

In neuroscience activation,

involvers the brain energy activation.

Bioactivation for true

wellbeing and self-esteem.

Eros Ferrari Sulewal
The activator bearer

of psicho-pysical beauty in this

Manages the bio-energy it creates

true well-being and self-esteem!
Love and Harmony
It is not easy to synthesize
you have to be simple
and Practice to Stay Well
and proceed to HARMONY!
The flow of
energy that nourishes Life
to be Radiant Soul detox!
Whether you are in one
particular phase of Life,
whether you feel good,
will not leave you indifferent
indeed, a vision will come to us
very clear and aware
of the social system or
mechanism in which we live.

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