Light liquid therapy medicine

Light Liquid – Self-therapy – Vibrational Medicine


Inspired by Light self-therapy!

It is the revolutionary self-treatment

that works deeply with and in the brain;

using frequencies and wavelengths

delta and theta for immediate self-healing.

Light Liquid – Get started now!

The benefits of the Light Liquid go far beyond

our expectations and our previous experiences.

Since it acts on brain and body stress.

Deep psychophysical rebalancing takes place,

feeling good, vitality, and cellular rejuvenation.


Self-treatment; with vibrational medicine, it occurs by transmission:

we come into contact with the container,

which activates our self-esteem and self-healing capabilities.

Just touch it, holding it in your hands near your throat with your eyes closed

for 15 seconds, and then in the center of your forehead for another 15

seconds, once or twice a day, for a few days.

With closed eyes! Turn slightly of the Chakras,

from above the head going downwards under

the coccyx and rising without stopping for a

maximum of 15 seconds …

to finish on the head …

moving it 3 times to the right and left.

(You will receive the video)

In an emergency situation

Hold in the hands in the center of the throat with closed eyes
and then in the sore or diseased spot for at least 1 minute;
repeating it 5 times a day. Adjuvant!
There are no contraindications!
It has no side effects!
Only organic fruit ingredients!
Contains no sugar!
No chemicals added!
Non-invasive self-treatment!

It is advisable to rest as much as possible!

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Scientists who study quantum phenomena have shown that photons

of light in the human body flow and remove obstacles in the form of

toxins as the current carry away polluted water in the river.

Light is omnipresent and for us a common substance,

simple to use in seconds; but this has truly extraordinary properties

for the immune system and for our health and psychophysical

well-being because it contains micro-life.

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