Masterclass Consciousness Light – Quantum Medicine

The life on the earth is radically changing

because in 2022-2033 the Conscioussness Light

or the vital energy is controlled by higher dimensions,

which in 2011 and 2021 are formed new opposing forces,

the negative ones cause many fears

that are the cause of the disturbances,

unexplained imbalances and viruses.

To avoid the negative effects and to
prevent and overcome this situation,
one must be in contact with the force
of the new Vital energy,
and therefore with mother earth!
New Perfection of Consciousness and Light
Boosts Immune System and Brain Over 200%,
Functional Quantum Medicine Masterclass,
for your happy and healthy life and prosperity 2022-2033.
The Consciousness Light is the original
beginning of all forms of life and matter,
which continues in its original project of
splendor on planet earth, which produces
and maintains and self-reproduces forever,
in the eternal and infinite radiant and resplendent.
– Contact with the Light Consciousness.
– Spiritual Purification of Karma.
– Unlocking, opening of the Chakras.
– Activation of the Lightbody.
– Activation of crystalline DNA.
– Multidimensional Healing.
– Empowerment of Quantum Medicine.
– 200% Brain Boost.
– Strengthening of the immune system.
– You will be protected from negativity.
– Self-treatment & Self-healing of the Light.
– You will use intuition, sixth sense, etc.
– You will do your purification in seconds.
– You will practice self-healing and self-love.
* You will be able to make the
Light Consciousness you keep
yourself in health and well-being.
* You will be able to make other
people experience light consciousness.
* You will receive information by e-mail,
videos and advice and follow-up analysis!
Book from the comfort of your home.
Duration only 2 hours!
10 minute follow-up of Masterclass!

Booking online service and free

analysys and info by WhatsApp +5548991909106

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