Great Cosmic Healing is a simple initiation and practice self-healing, which is learned and practiced very quickly because it is not a technique. This is a refined but simple tool; it really heals seriously from psycho-physical disorders. Consciousness is an instrument that is used as self-healing and does not require any technical skills or any other type of preparation. Eros Ferrari (Sulewal) was born in Italy in 1969. At 23 he started his successful career abroad but over time he realizes that he was losing his light with which he left Italy and became a traveler with a soul; become master of the Great Healing and Cosmic Consciousness. This Master is perfect for those in need urgent to keep fit; relaxes, calms and detoxifies the nervous system and set the frequency of the brain in waves of healing and psychophysical balance, thanks to the ability that Consciousness has to do Cosmic Healing. - Contact the Cosmic Light and begin the Great Cosmic Healing. - Purification of Karma and DNA. - Activation, opening, and alignment of the chakras and the energy body. - Heal severe energy imbalances and spiritual blockages. - Learn how to heal yourself, with self-healing practice and how to activate the life force of light; perfect health and mental and physical well-being. • Optional: • Detoxification with great liquid cosmic healing • Large amulet of the cosmic protective healing Book your Master even remotely !!! In just 2 sessions of 2 hours each. WhatssApp +6281238334172

Masterclass of Light 2020-2022


All souls now try to manifest happiness,
they try to bring the earth and human
beings to its authentic project of
the perfection which Light manifests.
Light Love move in all universes.
Light is the original beginning
of every form of life and matter,
which continues in its original and
the authentic project of bringing the
the civilization of Light to the

the splendor of the planet earth;
the essence of Light produces all that
all beings that light renders and
maintains its radiance.


– Contact with Light and universal love.
– Purification of Karma and the unconscious!
– Unlocking, opening and aligning the Chakras!
– Activation of the body of Light and Consciousness!
– Activation of Crystalline DNA!
– No limits purification and healing!
– You will be protected from darkness and negativity!
– Self-treatment and Self-healing of Light!
– You will use intuition, sixth sense and conscience!
– You will do your purification in seconds!
– You will practice Light Consciousness and self-love!
– You will be able to let other people experience the Light!
• You will receive information by e-mail,
video and follow-up advice and analysis!
Book from the comfort of your home.
Duration only 2 hours!

Booking online info by

WhatssApp +5548991909106

Eros Ferrari

The Light Master

He has intuitive & positive forces

not usual for the human being;

they can help people transform their

perfect health of Light & bio life force.


Ubud, Bali, and Online from distance.
WhatsApp +5548991909106

The immune system working & joint Consciousness Light.

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