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Meditation Mats are important tools for deep Relaxation and Meditation

They are used by therapists together with other treatments to improve the quality of care.
It is common to feel energy work up to 24 – 48 hours.
After living for a few years in Nepal, received an input to make wool mats,
after having realized them he received a very powerful energy.
100% wool mats, 40 / 40 cm. Handmade in Nepal.
Extraordinary Relaxation & Restorative Sleep Boost Vital Energy!

About Eros Ferrari Sulewal

Eros Ferrari Sulewal is a Reiki Gran Master, Holistic Health Trainer;
the unique skills is inituitive Empathic Healer; Master of Photonic Light!
Eros is innovator by Self-Light Activation; also new Nepalese Meditation Mats,
Eros has experienced with several professionals
who have lost their Well Being with the old methods.
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The immediate benefits are;
Peaceful, Health, Harmony, Happiness Love & Light for Quality of Life.

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