Prevention is better than cure

Prevention is better than cure – Liquid of Light

Sooner or later we all find ourselves in trouble;

from which it is not easy to free ourselves!

So we can get sick a little bit and then

a permanent state of malaise is created

which continues to get worse at least that

we begin to repeat the famous and ancient

proverb. Prevention is better than cure.

So to put the benefits of

this meaning is enough to start

to apply the Liquid of Light.

It’s about taking care of ourselves,

with simple and beneficial concrete actions!

What is much less trivial,

and we know it well, it is changing habits

of which we are sneaky prisoners!

With the Liquid of Light it’s a game,

very fast, beneficial and immediate!

Without having to strain and change the

toxic habits we have!

When there is mention of changing habits

that hurt us for some who do us

well, start or at least reduce some

foods and habits that increase it

stress and disturb sleep and ability

to feel good and fit.

But conflicting or obvious questions:

Eh, but what do I eat then?

How can I do?

This question is the statement of the

inability to prevent and continue

dream and pay someone or something

to take care of our health!

Delusion of the tachipirina and watchful waiting!

However all are subject to the effects

side effects and unwanted effects.

The Liquid of Light without contraindications,

without unwanted and side effects.

The Liquid of Light eliminates the fears of being sick.

It is interesting to review the directives as well as

were presented, because all that of

that we need, everything we need,

is contained in this decalogue.

Nothing more, nothing less.


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