Sleep solution by meditation mats treatment and self-treatment EROS FERRARI will work with you to improve your sleep both during your stay and for afterward when you return to your regular life. The immediate benefits; Relax, calm, peacefulness and restful sleep, alternative & natural detox, insomnia disappear. Eros Ferrari Sulewal is a Master Reiki, Holistic Trainer and Innovator in well-being and holistic health service with Energy Superpower. He now teaches how to practice self-therapy with refined but simple techniques and tools for self-treatment. Eros Ferrari is equipped with innovative tools and methods to make the healing work more effective and faster. The meditation mats is important tools for self-healing treatment and are used in his sessions and retreats. They contain exceptional properties which promotes faster healing and overall positive effect on the wellbeing of all physical, emotional and mental aspects. DEEP RESTORATIVE SLEEP MASSAGE There’s a better method to putnyou on the fast track to slumber, a sleep massage. Sleep massage can help you get the rest you needon a regular basis. Gently work in the spinal in special in the neck, it helps the entry of cosmic energy to enjoy a deep muscular decontraction and heal the nervous system. Reservation now WhatsApp +39371 1861 349 Phone +62 81238 334172 Svarga Loka Resort, Jl. Raya Kelod Penestanan, Sayan, Ubud. Pack your bags & get ready to connect with your Divine self.

Sleep Solution in Bali for Health and Wellbeing

Sleep solution are the best way with deep sleep to have excellent health and well-being benefits!

Sleep Massage, the protocol includes specially designed massage by Eros Ferrari, method with energetic movements to help his clients into deep sleep enhancement.
Sleep massage helps you get the rest you need on a regular basis.
A seated treatment, beginning with an energetic analysis,
then through a gentle touch on the back neck, shoulders and on the vertebral column, which is a fundamental point to enjoy deep muscle relaxation and promote regular detoxification of fatigue and traumas that have accumulated in past years.
After Massage, the sleep will be regular duration of sleep can be expected to be close to 7 / 8 hours.
If you suffer from anxiety, insomnia and an overactive mind or simply have trouble falling asleep this treatment is exactly what you are looking for.

Eros Ferrari has created and mastered this method making it faster and more effective. The methods described above have worked for many many customers, become one of the success stories.

Sessions will be held at your house or a place of your choice.


If you suffer from anxiety, insomnia, an overactive mind or irregular sleep, this training is what you are looking for.
The method is focused on an innovative holistic system which treats insomnia and sleep deprivation for better sleep immediatly.
After a day of stress, it is critical to experience deep relaxation that prepares you for regular and restorative super deep sleep and strengthens the immune system.
Learn by training experience and take advantage of self-treatment before going to sleep; if you want to benefit from a deep relaxation that prepares you for a regular and restorative and restful sleep; also after a day of stress, in few second you are ready to deep sleep.
The methods described above have worked for many many customers, become one of the success stories.
Sessions will be held at your house or a place of your choice, or by telephone.


Eros is a Reiki Grand Master, Holistic Healrh Trainer and Intuitive, and has over 15 years of wellbeing experience. During this time he has worked with many, many people suffering from sleep deprivation.
His Sleep Solution methods have been created after lengthy experience and are extremely effective and fast-working.
Using specially designed Nepalese Meditation Mats, Deep Restorative Sleep can be achieved, which leads to an improved quality of life.
His goal is to improve sleep quality and length for his students immediately and to get them to practice self-therapy at home with simple, effective methods. 
With these methods, the duration of regular sleep will stabilize to around 7 or 8 hours a night.

Reservation and booking Whatsapp +52984 2280891

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