The immediate rejuvenate by Vital Force!

The Immediate Rejuvenate by Vital Force

You will feel, you will immediately

experience your well-being!

Bio life force activates the natural flow of vitality,
on a more, you complete a holistic sense.

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Warranty 5 years!

Instructions on how to use!

In case of no power or bad feeling in life or body pain,
it is better to use it several times a day;
in this way, healing becomes fast and lasting.

The self-treatment of transmission:

just touch the bottle for at least 15 seconds;

and slightly opening the cap to

inhale the bioenergy for 1/3 time a day.

If a point on the body is painful or sick,
support it for 1 minute, in case of emergency,
repeatable 5/10 times a day.

Here are no contraindications as long as it is used as described above.

After performing the above self-treatments;

and you decide to drink it,
follow these instructions: 1 to 5 ml.,
diluted in water at least 50 ml. of water,
source or boiled.

Don’t use water from plastic or commercial bottles.

No sugar has been added!

But you can add anything organic to your liking.

Only biologic fruit ingredients!

Non-add sugar!

Only spring water!


use once a day or three times a day.

After you are well, keep it in the

refrigerator to be able to reuse it.


Just fill the bottle with water and in one hour the life force will reproduce,
and the water full of elixir will be produced, without adding anything else.

Rapid natural rejuvenation of vital tissues;
it is applied on the skin or as a mouthwash or as a drink.
Use only spring water.

Directions: use once a day or three times a day.


Raw Elixir

Biologic Elixir

Organic Elixir

Elixir of Bioenergy

Elixir of Eros

Fire Elixir

Full Vitality of the Vital Force on Elixir!

Warranty 5 years!
WhatsApp +6281238 334172

Unlock and create a balance between

the natural flow of bioenergy in our life!

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WhatsApp +6281238 334172

Raw grounding influences our bioenergy
that comes from the terrestrial biopower of life!

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