TOOLS FOR SELF TREATMENT The Spiritual intelligence, a high-dimensional energies. Upper energy for our body without any human interaction. (Self-healing) It is based on the need to relaxing quick, moreover it detoxifies mainly the nervous system and reset the frequency of the brain and is created a psychophysical well being. Relaxing and healthy tools awakens the dormant ability that everyone gifted but and need to reactivated, so that each of us can maintain by sitting on it for few seconds. The benefits you receive Before receiving them, sometimes they do not understand each other using the mind or by words, because they are superior forces that we usually. They are the solution to the problem, although unknown. (No diagnosis required) A touch of magic, by the tools for relax and health that releases tension and stress restore activation–relaxation, calm and peacefull, restfull sleep! Recommended for a conscious life. On the practical side, you receive new lifeblood, the desire to awaken live and feel good! Great immediate benefits, Great Cosmic Harmony for wellness and health mind body and soul. Self-healing, independence and freedom. Tools for relax and health Set mats in 100% wool, 40 / 40cm handmade in Nepal. It takes only 3 minutes to relax and calm down Only 10 minutes in health treatments. To be used together with other treatments, meditation or yoga.

Tools for relax and health Relaxing and healthy

Focusing on tools for self-treatments

The healing activation from high-dimensions,
innovative tools for holistic vital Energy,
a dynamic mats generate and amplification of cosmic energies,
on the body that comes in contact.
By focusing in holistic health, (body mind & spirit),
achieve any notions of healing.
Extraordinary relaxation & health benefits.

The amplifier of vital energy & self-care

Create a psychophysical well being.

The benefits you receive from superior forces that we usually.

(No diagnosis required)

A touch of magic, by the tools for Self-treatment

that releases tension and stress

restore activation–relaxation,

calm and peacefull, restfull sleep!

Recommended for a conscious life.

Great immediate benefits,

Grande Armonia Cosmica the spiritual food

(Great Cosmic Harmony)

Well-being and health mind body and Soul.

Self-healing, independence and freedom.

Self-treatments Yogis mats

Self-treatment yogis mats and spirit of Buddha

The first treatment with yogis mats take only 30 minutes,
to open and balancing the chakras relax and calm down,
after activation to be relaxed and calm take only 3 minutes,
as self-treatment for wellness and health care.
Also which all person if want self treatment from while
they practice meditation yoga or Reiki.
They are used by therapists together with other treatments
to improve the quality of care.
Energy Superpower Channeling technique
Activation of the new channel with Spiritual energy,
it is channeled from the fifth, sixth and seventh dimensions
Start up to active the energy Channel and learn
technique in only 75 minutes,
the power of consciousness achieve any notions of healing,
with full compassion and awareness.
Practice Energy Superpower, self-treatment in 10 seconds.
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Alternative & Holistic Health

It is possible to recharge your stones or jewelry,

if you place it over it.

It is advisable to simply washing them before with water.

The brings about a state of well-being

that the shamans reach using sacred plants.

Relaxing and healthy tools for self treatment mats

100% wool, 40 / 40cm handmade

by Yogis mats the Great Cosmic Harmony and

the Spirit of Buddha in Nepal.

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