Well-being training – Energy super Power

Eros Ferrari Sulewal

Well being training

I worked out the bioenergy

of the radiant detox soul

it is based on the necessity

of returning to body shape,

the practice of self-healing

relaxes and calms and

detoxifies the nervous system

and sets the brain’s

frequency on harmony

it results in physical

psychic equilibrium.

The teaching and the active

in one time, 2 session only.

Self-healing DIY!

Each one of us can keep in shape

and say toxins goodbye in a few 

seconds comfortably!

The mind is part of phisical part,

of brain more of 90% water,
the new flow of energy part

of next level of phisical

wellbeing brain frequency,

by practical increase energy

incoming 4 time more 20.000 boavis,

(standard healty is 7.000 boavis).

Self-healing higth quantity and

dimanics frequency of energy

move fast the water on the brain.
Is the super natural activation

of immunity system, nervous system,

circulatory system,

work body and mind

to take out the toxins.

Today the need always

more important to keep fit

in body shape and mind in

Psychophysical Balance.
To feel good wellbeing


1. Analysis and practice session
Soul radiant body mind detox
1.Practical practice relax

2.Mind Calm just few seconds

3.Breathing rebalancing

4.The Here And Now!

5.Nervous balance system

6.Psychophysical balance

2. Analysis and practice session

Soul radiant life detox

7.Circulatory system balance

8.Rebalance Chakra

9.Awakening of consciousness

10.Psychosomatic equilibrium.


3. Activation Session
Bioenergetics Bio-activation

11.Reiki activation
12.Endless activation!
13.Great Cosmic
Harmony activation!
14.Ocean bio-activation!
15.Energy Super Power!

4. Spiritual Satisfaction

16.Analysis and Unlocking
Psychosomatic healing
17.Reading and healing aura
18.Reading and purification Karma
19.Postural alignment.

Bio-energrtics instrument
for the well being and
psycho-physical equilibrium,
mind body and soul.
100% wool carpet,
handmade in Nepal.
100% cotton cuschin,
handmade in Nepal.

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Grande Armonia Cosmica

Great Cosmic Harmony

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