What is holistic medicine?

How Ubud Bali became the holistic heart

Consciousness one is awareness of spiritual dimensions.

The current of thought of holism

can be applied to many disciplines:

politics, economics, physics, anthropology, philosophy,

psychology and medicine.

Wellness and health, the term “holistic” has become very

fashionable albeit with a rather vague meaning.

The term holism comes from the Greek όλος, olos,

which stands for “totality”.

Holism in medicine represents a state of “global” health,

the union of mind, body, environment and society.

The search for health is oriented to the person

and not to the disease,

to the cause and not to the symptom,

to the system and not to the organ,

to rebalancing rather than to care,

stimulating the natural process of self-healing of the body.

Session and courses in holistic alternative medicine,

and oriental healing,

the vital energy is channeled thanks to Awareness.

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