Will Power empowerment the body & open intuition

Find out how Will Power creates the life of your dreams.

Only the light of the universal

higher self and love for the self.

Eros Ferrari, is an expert Master of light;

teaches how to find the strength of will with

which to intuitively modify the limits we have

with the help of the absolute

power of Intuitive Light.

The special Eros Ferrari method he

created with the help of quantum physics

and 81 spiritual dimensions.

With only 1 MasterClass, 2 hours;

you are able to become and be,

a self-luminous being who takes

care of the mind and body;

an alignment that goes beyond

all expectations because

it activates work simultaneously

on the physical, mind body and emotional;

quantum, spiritual, karmic and DNA levels.

In this seminar is part of MasterClass,

you will discover how to activate and maintain

the will power that has no mental, emotional,

cultural and karmic limits.

The Light gently, without having to force the body,

because it would create an imbalance.

Instead, the confusion of emotions and

thoughts is transformed into clarity;

already in this seminar we come into

contact with the power of light and high dimensions,

which restores balance with the flow of vital energy.

Booking +6281238 334172

Nirvana – Moksa – Self-Realization

You will feel, you will experience a state of liberation,

independence and relief by losing

a minimum of 2 kg. of weight,

but also of having a brain 4 times more powerful,

the capacity that goes beyond the

physical perception of the 5 senses.

the true sense of belonging to the earth:

with the mineral kingdom, the vegetable kingdom,

the animal kingdom and with other

human beings who have already taken this step,

which purifies and activates and awakens

consciousness from the previously

accumulated limits and feelings of guilt.

all this can be defined as the end of

the journey as visitors to the earth

(visible physical world) and the beginning

of the journey by sentient beings,

aware of the visible and invisible world.

Booking in Bali and online

WA+6281238 334172


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