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Workshop – Will Power Contact with Universal Light Love

Workshop of Universal Light Love

Power Activation of Your Chakras.

No Judgments – No mind.
Discover the tools and resources that
only the Light can create your life,
to be radiant as only the Light of the
Universal Higher Self and Self-Love.
Eros Ferrari, is an expert Light-Love Master,
through a special method he has created
new Light by healing and nourishing the mind,
the body and the spirit,
the subtle bodies and the DNA.
In this Workshop it is part of MasterClass of Light,
we will discover that it is Love and how to Love
yourself and have a Beloved Life,
an open heart chakra that we have
currently blocked or under happiness,
don’t allow us to flow into life.
This practice of starting in the light is for
all those who want to find blocks
that prevent you from growing,
they want to detoxify themselves from
past activities, experience.
And for anyone who feels stuck in life
and wants to use the Healing of light and
balancing of the flow of vital energy.
In this Workshop: 
– Contact with Universal Love and how to connect with it.
– The reading of the chakras.
– Find blocks in life.
– Discover your energy connection and your unconscious
relationship with your Unconditional Love with the Eros guide.
– Increases and accumulates vital energy.
– Light and energy flow into the blocked areas of your body.
– Write thoughts, feelings, ideas and experiences
they are revealed to you during some exercises.
– Advice from Eros after reading the chakras to clear the
blocks of energy.
Every friday of August and September
at 11.00am – 12.00pm.
WA +6281238334172
Please come to this event with an open
heart and an open mind to receive the
Light from the other dimension,
it increases the vital energy
and lets it flow into you. 🙏
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Master of Light Love
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