Liquid of Light

Liquid of Light

Focusing on overall or total health and well-being
the term holistic can be prevented any great malaise
with people’s awareness?

The term holistic has become fashionable holistic derives from the philosophy and current of thought of holism that is and will be increasingly used in many disciplines: economics, physics, anthropology, philosophy, agriculture, nutrition, psychology, and medicine. The term holism derives from the Greek Olos, which means wholeness.

Holism in medicine represents a state of global health, that is, the union of mind and body, environment, society, and spirit. The search for health is oriented to the person and not to the disease, to the cause of the symptom, to the system that regulates Life, and not to a single organ, but to the total balance.
The natural process of consciousness, with extraordinary self-healing with immediate lasting and concretely perceived health and well-being benefits.

The Liquid of Light was born to bypass the politicized health system controlled by world finance as the first world income producer!
At the same time, society is increasingly in an economic and human values ​​crisis!
All this puts the consumer first as a body or matter!
Instead of overcoming the total crisis!
They create more pressure on governments by obviously paying the representatives who are convinced to create states of emergency, and even not to be treated, but waiting for the disease to either get worse or heal!
In reality, no one takes the responsibility to heal holistically.
Even the pharmaceutical companies are not responsible for serious side effects!

For them, it is enough to sell!

ITs what they do care!

He only cares about getting as much money as possible!

In addition to selling even more chemicals,

they are aiming to sell untested and transgenetic products!
For a total unconsciousness and inability to adapt the immune system!
Contrary to true transformation and,

the connection between mind, body, and spirit.
Consequences of the fear of taking harmful substances! How does fear work?
The danger causes a rush of adrenaline, a hormone, and a messenger in the brain, which in turn triggers these reactions anxiety, panic attacks and therefore depression, and many other psychophysical pathologies. How to overcome the fear?
Take care of ourselves,
not only with remedies that allay fears but with remedies that bring about an end to these symptoms and ailments.
The need we have is that of biological Reset to create balance and widespread well-being.


It’s the revolutionary self-treatment of 2021
which is born and works immediately on the harmful brain waves that cause ailments and then diseases of all kinds!
Immediately feel self-esteem and your innate self-healing ability.
Start taking advantage of it now by ordering Liquid Light because it goes far beyond your expectations and previous experiences; and your imagination.
Since it acts on well-being, that is:
feeling good, vitality, and rejuvenation.
It can be used by the whole family and dear friends.

Instructions for Use
It is used for transmission:
just touch it, holding it tightly in your hand’s
throat keeping your eyes closed for 15 seconds.
If desired: another 15 seconds in the center of the forehead,
and for another 15 seconds above your head,
once or twice a day.
Then it simply continues for a few days or weeks.
As long as you feel good!
It can also be used alone by holding it at approx
1 meter away when you sleep.
After use, close it in the dark.

Without contraindications
Without unwanted or unwanted effects
It has no side effects!

Keep your hands in the center of your throat e
than in the sore or diseased spot for at least 1 minute;
repeating it 5 times a day. Analgesic.
It is advisable to rest as much as possible!
Only organic fruit ingredients!
It does not contain sugar!
No chemicals added!

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Benefits far beyond your expectations!

without contraindications without unwanted or unwanted effects


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Benefits far beyond your expectations!
Free trial by 22.1.2022

WhatssApp +55 4899190 9106

Production – Distribution and deliveries throughout
Europe, America, Asia, Oceania!

The work of the higher dimensions of consciousness that the light is already manifesting in 2021 and the new age of Aquarius, is bringing happiness!
MasterclassWho can enter the brainwaves of Light that represent harmony!
In body and mind as health and material as prosperity!

Book from the comfort of your home!
They are innovative tools used as self-treatment
and do not require previous skills.
Use the Liquid of Light as in the instructions.
The assistance is free!
With the liquid of light, you just feel the light!
Be the light!

Eros Ferrari Sulewal