Master of Light for Light Workers

Master of Light for Light Workers
Nowadays there is much dependence on
money or physical pleasure which only
derives and creates illusion and suffering,
because once we perceive it it is already over,
therefore it is difficult for the mind
and the soul to maintain
itself in psycho-physical balance.
This can result in making it difficult to
recognize that true happiness exists.
The Soul the body and the mind;
suffers from dependence on
the temporary materialistic system.
All souls now try to manifest happiness,
they try to bring the earth and human beings
to its authentic project of perfection
which the Light manifests.
Light produces Love in all universes.
Light is the original beginning
of every form of life and matter,
which continues in its original and
authentic project of bringing the civilization
of Light back to the original
splendor of the planet earth;
essence of Light produces all that
all beings that light renders
and maintains its radiance.
• Contact with the photons of Light in the Universe.
• Purification of Karma, inner peace and detoxification.
• Open the Chakra and Aura to get back in balance.
• Feel how Universal Love enters our Consciousness.
• Nurture yourself with light and life force energy.
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