Masterclass of Aquarian Age – Great Healing

Masterclass of Aquarian Age – Great Healing

The Age of Aquarius – The vibration of Love!

Respect for all forms of life,

therefore it is also ecology-oriented.

This depends on a new awareness that

helps us to perceive ourselves as part

of the perfection of Light.

But it is also a phase in which information,
of all kinds, they circulate everywhere, quickly.
It is up to us to make a selection,

selecting good things from harmful or useless ones!

It is not easy to opt for quality in such a chaotic moment,

which catches you unprepared.

But it is essential!

The term quality from our individual choices, which must be oriented by excluding useless, obsolete, and deleterious aspects.
The challenges we are called to face,
they invited us to find practical solutions to eradicate purely psychosomatic and spiritual disorders difficult to solve with chemical medicine.

Disorders that require a holistic, vibrational, empathic, and intuitive approach, aware that it solves the causes of the problems, with self-therapy as happens in the Masterclass.

Instead of being satisfied with only

reducing some symptoms, ailments,

and malaise.

Masterclass of the Aquarian Age
Awakening of Consciousness and Awareness

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Transformation is the only constant!
Now the change is happening. πŸŒŸβ˜€οΈ
Have a Good Age of Aquarius. β™‘πŸŒˆ

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