The earth is radically changing because

now the Light comes from higher dimensions,

of 2019, in 2020 new forces are formed,

and in 2021 we are in the age of the aquarium.

This causes many ailments,
unexplained imbalances and viruses.
To avoid the negative effects you have to
enter this change without
then resist the Light.
So people with a frequency
of stress or low energy
they will find themselves in serious trouble!
To prevent and overcome, one must enter
in contact with the Light, and therefore with mother earth!
The new and old must be absorbed
frequencies of Light that we have lost.
The new perfection that the Light
manifested in our lives and to all
souls need to connect
with mother earth, to manifest
Happiness and Harmony Health and Prosperity.
Light is the original beginning of each
form of life and matter,
which continues in its original design
to its original splendor on planet earth;
the essence of Light produces everything,
keeps and self-reproduces forever,
in the eternal and infinite radiant and shining.

   In just 2 Hours

– Contact with Light and universal love.
– Purification of Karma and negative effects.
– Unlocking, opening, and aligning the Chakras.
– Activation of the body of light and Consciousness.
– Learn how to protect yourself, and make the Light, in seconds.

  Feel the Light, be light!

– Liquid of Light
– Amulet of Light
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