Masterclass of Light-Love Live Life

Masterclass of Light-Love Live Life
Eros Ferrari is known as an experienced
Master of Light, who through a special method,
uses higher spiritual energy to heal and
nurture the mind, body, and spirit.
In this Masterclass, we will discover
which chakras are currently blocked and
don’t allow us to flow in business and in life. 
This Lightwork is for the practitioner who wants
to eliminate blockages that stop your growing,
want to detox from past experiences,
past lives and open the chakras to flow.
For anyone who is feeling stuck in life
and want to use the infinite Light Healing.

Crystalline DNA Activation, Healing, and Repair Activate Your Ascension;

Light-Love and Awakening your Consciousness.

Introduction to the situation we are all experiencing:
The earth is changing its, Vibratory frequency now, and the Light comes from higher dimensions, than in 2019, and influences the lives of all living beings; so there are many ailments, viruses,
and other new pathologies, caused by a frenetic, materialistic life.
We have lost contact with Mother Earth and therefore with ourselves;
or our nature, or with the Soul.

Analyzing and healing in accordance with the universal law of cause and effect (Karma); spiritual imbalances.

How does the Masterclass of Light help us?
To prevent all this, it is necessary to resonate with new frequencies, the Light has new frequencies, this is possible with the material you already find on this page, and with further personal insights with other instruments that I have already used for many years and many cases and healings; even impossible at first sight, or get in touch and absorb the new photons of Light.
Analyzing and healing in accordance with the universal law of cause and effect (Karma); spiritual imbalances.
The new perfection that Light manifests in our life is Health, Prosperity, Love, and Harmony.
All souls now try to manifest happiness and harmony!

Introduction to the Light
Light is the original beginning of all life and matter,
which continues in its original design to its original splendor on planet earth; the essence of Light produces everything,
maintains and self-reproduces forever,
in the eternal and Infinite radiant and shining.

Do you want to be happy and healthy in a few hours?

• Contact with Light and universal love.
• Purification of Karma and bad spirits.
• The universal law of cause and effect.
• Feel here and now! Awareness.
• Opening, unlocking, and alignment of the Chakras.
• Activation of the light body of Consciousness.
• Learn how to protect yourself with the Light.
• Practice and Ritual of Light and Self-love.

Optional: Liquid of Light and Amulet of Light

Masterclass of Light 2020-2021
By Messanger or WhatsApp
WhatsApp +55489919 09106
Please come to this event with an open heart and open mind for
receiving the vital energy and allowing it to flow within yourself. 🙏
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Light-Love Community

Eros Ferrari is my original name.

Sulewal: I am the activator of the Universal Light Love

Eros Ferrari Sulewal

The Light Love Master

He has intuitive & positive forces

not usual for the human being;

they can help people transform

their perfect health of Light Love.

Light-Love Community

Eros Ferrari is my original name.

I am the activator of the Universal Light

in the human body.


WhatsApp +5548 991909106

Lightworks in all levels;

Physical, Motivation, Emotional, Mental,

Chakras, Meridians, Spiritual, Quantum & DNA!