Masterclass Workshop of Light-Love Live Life

Masterclass Workshop of Light-Love Live Life
Eros Ferrari is known as an experienced
Master of Light, who through a special method,
uses higher spiritual energy to heal and
nurture the mind, body, and spirit.
In this Masterclass, we will discover
which chakras are currently blocked and
don’t allow us to flow in business and in life. 
This Lightwork is for practitioner who want
to eliminate blockages that stop you to growth,
want to detox from past experiences,
past lives and open the chakras to flow.
For anyone who is feeling stuck in life
and want to use the infinite Light Healing.
In this Masterclass you will get:
– Explanation about the infinite healing light and how to connect with it.
– Guidance to be open to receive the infinite healing light.
– Chakra reading and remove Blockages.
– Find blockages in business and life. 
– Boost and accumulate the Vital Energy.
– Light and energy flow into the blocked areas in your body.
– Writing down thoughts, feelings, ideas, and experiences that
are revealed to you during some of the exercises.
– Discover your energetic connection and
unconscious relationship with your brand
on your own with the guidance of Eros.
WA +6281238 334172 
Please come to this event with an open heart and open mind for
receiving the vital energy and allowing it to flow within yourself. 🙏
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Light-Love Community

Eros Ferrari is my original name.

I am the activator of the Universal Light grid in the human body.

• Contact with light love in the Universe.
• Karma purification, feel here and now.
• Open & Unlock the chakras & meridians, detox.
• Learn how to nurture yourself,
with self-light practice & vital life force,
Self-love Initiation & Activation.

Eros Ferrari

The Light Master

He has intuitive & positive forces

not usual for the human being;

they can help people transform

their perfect health of vital force.

Light-Love Community

Eros Ferrari is my original name.

I am the activator of the Universal Light

in the human body.


Ubud, Bali, and Online from distance.
WhatsApp +6281238 334172

Lightworks in all levels;

Physical, Motivation, Emotional, Mental,

Chakras, Meridians, Spiritual, Quantum & DNA!