Training Radiant Soul detox

The energy of the Soul
analysis and practice
deep self-healing for the
radiant awake of the Soul
the Brain works
a full & best regime!
New dimension and
interaction with the
subitile bio-energy that
Harmonizes the Soul
true natural well-being!
2018 Eros is perfect to
customize your neccesity
of Practitioner or talent
or aspiring practitioner
in the Alternative & Holistic
Health Service.
Eros is able to transfers
your skills and integrates
the Radiant Soul and the
ability to deep self-healing
detoxify body and mind,
practice in few minutes.

You are starts to use the
innovative bio-energy and bioenergetics practice
to harmonize yourself
and other people.

Now! Can put it in 

practice and restore the
relaxation and immediate calm
almost anywhere you do
the true Harmony pleasure
in just few seconds.

Learn about detox yourself,

recover regenerate

the psychophysical balance,

mind and body Well being!

Goodbye toxins

nowadays the need

increasingly stringent

to keep fit mind body.

The training have analysis,

relaxation, healing and detox.

Endless bio activation

Great Cosmic Harmony activation

Ocean wave bio activation

Energy SuperPower activation

Reiki activation High vibe of chakras

Activation your pineal gland DMT

Kundalini Awakening

Awakening and repair DNA

B. Energy Superpower techniques practice

Relaxation is natural anti-stress

Mind Calm in few seconds

Lower the brain frequency

Breathing balance

Live The Here And Now!

Nervous system balance therapy

Perfect Psycho-physical balance

Cardiovascular system balance

Chakra rebalancing

Awakening of consciousness

Unlock the blocks of energy

Reading and cleaning the Aura

Reading and purification of Karma

Postural and Spiritual alignment

Psychosomatic healing

Past life and Ancestor healing

The DNA damage and repair

Quantum physic energy healing

Neuroscience healing.

Extraordinary Unlimited Benefits!

Training Radiant Soul detox

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